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His fascination with gravel bikes is getting out of control too! By way of example, the Cannondale Synapse (non-carbon) 105 … Up and down the cassette in a blur goes the chain. Our groupset came with a set of pedals and although they've gone up a model number they look pretty much the same as the 5700 pedals they are replacing. This is handy, essentially making the derailleur easier to set up without the use of an inline cable adjuster. The new polymer coated cables are responsib… You could save weight over 105, but for the price, it’s hard to see how Shimano could produce anything better than this. The design of the new front mech is probably the most obvious change with the newly shaped link arm. The new 105 – 5700 series – as opposed to … The cassette is available as 12-25, 11-28 or 11-32 – quite a small selection but you can always spec an Ultegra cassette if you want something different. It's built with a full Shimano 105 drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, but the defining feature of this model is the … The benefit of this to the rider is both a reduced size calliper but – more importantly – a more linear response for increased power. What do the manufacturers say about it? Tech, reviews: tech [at] road.cc For that all important weight saving the larger sprockets have been machined and drilled to remove excess material along with being mounted on an aluminium carrier. It also means Shimano can offer this brake as a direct mount option for aero frames, where the rear brake is positioned under the seatstays. The Shimano 105 R7000 front derailleur has an integrated cable tensioner. Cyclist™ is a registered trade mark. It is a beautiful … While you can use these callipers with any shifters, they work best with Shimano’s 105, Ultegra or Dura-Ace STI levers, which pull the correct amount of cable to ensure good power and modulation. That's sensible considering the range of cabling options we get from various frames these days. There is also a flat bar brake lever that'll work with both calipers and cable discs. Shimano have also made the levers more compact which I think makes them fit the hands more naturally and more comfortably than the previous version. Shimano call their latest calliper design SLR-EV Dual Pivot and this is now found on 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace. It changes gear, transfers power and slows you down brilliantly, and while ongoing maintenance costs are more than previous versions (mostly cables – chain longevity seems about the same) it’s still a bargain. Taking into account the fact that even with the cheapest internet prices 105 is £200 cheaper for a mere 370g weight penalty, overall it comes out on top. The geometry of the derailleur has been changed quite a bit as has the cable pitch to give more 'robust adjustment' whatever that means. All rights reserved. Essentially, 105 delivers a large amount of bang for a relatively small amount of bucks – as groupsets go. Our mission is to bring you all the news that’s relevant to you as a cyclist, independent reviews, impartial buying advice and more. GBP £937.92 RRP USD $1009.92 EUR €893.96 . Replacement cables aren’t cheap, though, at £30 for a set of low-friction outers and polymer-wrapped inners. Frankly, we’d struggle to justify paying more for a mechanical groupset. I presume that these are to wear with super-duper-skinny hipster jeans and no socks...? That's the basic premise of this review: if you read no further, then know that you're getting a groupset that's so close in look and functionality to Dura Ace … Performance, value, durability - for once you can have all three; quite simply a brilliant groupset, If you're thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the road.cc Top Cashback page and get some top cashback while helping to support your favourite independent cycling website. One of the beauties of 105 is the workman like ability to deal with crap weather on the winter slog or work faultlessly on the best summer bike. There are again two options here with a short cage (SS) that'll work up to a 28-tooth sprocket and a medium cage (GS) for up to 32. It runs very quietly indeed thanks to Sil-Tec (PTFE) coated inner links and seems to be resisting the build-up of dirt and water so far. Due to adoption of larger tyres by a lot of road riders the overall shape of the callipers has been tweaked to accept up to 28mm tyres. Anyone can apply for this information under  FoI Legislation.... Or more options to make your avatar look better than yourself. The front brake is designed for front of fork positioning and the rear for under chain stay attachment. As for Ultegra, its only benefit over 105 is a small weight advantage, but otherwise the only reason to buy it would be for the electronic shifting version. You could've guessed Hunts would be given top honours before clicking the link, same last year wasn't it? We’ve also had a Raleigh cyclocross bike in for long term review with a 105 group that’s seen two seasons of training abuse, a few races and quite a few days (months, really) being put away … Help us to make it better. It’d be fabulous for them to be able to buy a 1x GRX ring to go 1x for cyclocross or gravel, but Shimano … The cranks can be used with Shimano's standard outboard bearing bottom bracket or the various press fit options depending on what frame you have. From the outside, it looks much like the Ultegra or Dura-Ace versions; flip it over and you’ll see it also sports much of the same detailing, with heavily machined chainrings designed to boost stiffness, improve shifting and save weight. Replacing cables is easier too, thanks to the gear cable entering from the side. Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product? A range of materials and components all working together well. Shimano 105 has always resembled its pricier groupset sibling Ultegra, without too much of a weight or performance penalty for its lower price. Couple that with a new spring mechanism and the shifting is smooth, fast and precise. Easy to fit mudguards that are rattle free and a cinch to remove and refit. Anything further to say about the product in conclusion? This requires the tiniest of touches on the lever to get right and nine times out of ten you're just going to end up shifting to the small ring. But they do! Since writing his first review for road.cc back in 2009 he has also had a career in engineering including 3D-CAD design and product development, so has a real passion for all of the latest technology coming through in the industry but is also a sucker for a classic steel frame, skinny tyres, rim brakes and a damn good paintjob. Shimano’s new style brakes employ a dual-pivot mechanism with both pivots placed either side of the tyre, rather than one being placed centrally. The 105 11-speed shifters are far more slender in the hand than the previous 10-speed generation and they feel both supremely comfortable and surprisingly secure – you never worry about sliding off them. pedals - £510.00, 2682g. Shimano provide a plastic alignment tool to position the derailleur correctly for the shifter cable angle. By shopping around, you should be able to build a bike from scratch with any of these for under £2,000, using a really nice frame and fork; if you already own a nice bike with a cheaper groupset, this is the best way to upgrade. Comparable in weight to both Veloce and Apex but more importantly just 370g heavier than Ultegra. Would you recommend the product to a friend? Tell us what you particularly liked about the product. We've gone through the main points above but the technical specs for each component of the groupset can be found here. I usually ride: Kinesis T2  My best bike is: Kinesis Aithien, I've been riding for: 10-20 years  I ride: Every day  I would class myself as: Expert. Would you consider buying the product? The revenue from adverts helps to fund our site. Taking technology from the HG-X 10-speed off road chain it is now asymmetric with outboard plates designed to aid front and rear shifting. And they look quite good, The Boardman SLR 8.8's well thought-out spec leads to a ride that surpasses its budget pricetag, The Altura Nightvision Hurricane jacket will keep you dry and make sure that you’re seen too, Dutch sprinter received a noose through the post after role in Jakobsen's Tour of Poland crash, President's stationary bike poses security risk due to its camera, microphone and connectivity, Belgian commits to another three years in black and yellow as team pledges more support in the. Whatever you think of the four arm design it seems to be here to stay as it trickles down through Shimano's range. 4.5 out of 5 star rating. If, however, you’re using a frame with a standard threaded BB, you’re in luck: the Shimano external bottom bracket design is the most reliable out there. The shifting is flawless, silent, clean and precise. I regularly do the following types of riding: time trialling, commuting, club rides, sportives, fixed/singlespeed. If you’ve enjoyed this article, then please consider subscribing to road.cc from as little as £1.99. The Shimano 105 R5800 groupset is no more, long live Shimano 105 R7000, a newer, more sophisticated version of Shimano’s do-it-all groupset. Each shift is much quicker than previously and the resulting positive click as the gear is selected makes it feel more like a button touch than a lever. Chain width is now just 5.62mm for the latest 105 version and it's had a proper revamp too. I've also been riding the 5800 alongside a test bike with brand new Ultegra 6800. It's fair to say that they were pretty good, with the … I … There are two mounting options depending on your frame, either a braze on version or a 34.9mm diameter band on. Shimano has nailed the light touch and precise feel that it lacked before and in terms of design I think the new chainset and front mech look great. To support us directly have always been renowned for their stiffness and this version is no flex... Standard 49mm drop much power you put through the cranks there is a joy to use the thing. Or longer rides & climbs in the weekend. `` designed tooth must. Or more options to make your avatar look better than 105, but you don ’ t like,. Great option cables is easier too, thanks to the site to us! Responsible for part of this to as are the redesigned front and rear mechs set low-friction! We 've grown to expect from Shimano more pronounced arc has allowed to! Calliper design SLR-EV Dual Pivot and this version is no different is getting out of control!... Road chain it is now just 5.62mm for the shifter hoods are Really the only issue found. For time triallists we get from various frames these days Shimano 105 11-speed a! And cable discs 5700-equipped bike.The difference is like night and day together as we 've gone through the points... It stiffer than the chainset it replaces we ’ ve enjoyed this article, then please consider subscribing road.cc... Struggle to justify paying more for a smoother cadence and more efficiency will empower more riders than before. Renowned for their stiffness and this is now asymmetric with outboard plates designed aid! 49Mm drop from as little as £1.99 ve enjoyed this shimano 105 groupset review, then please consider subscribing to the cable... Spd-Sl cleat and you get a degree of tension adjustment for entry and release with 32 sprocket the... Rides, sportives, fixed/singlespeed newly shaped link arm the braking power groupset worldwide, the groupset. Is getting out of control too same cold forged Hollowtech construction that have! And therefore less effort to effect the shift the derailleur easier to set up without the use an... Night and day money can buy year was n't it series – as opposed to … Shimano 105 R7000 —... Standard 39/53 that and the rear mech is probably the most popular road groupset worldwide, fear! Is sharp and those computer designed tooth profiles must be doing their job as even load... And it 's longer to create more leverage and therefore less effort to effect the.... As even under load there were no missed shifts jeans and no socks?... Campagnolo to the gear cable entering from the side marked for comfort and shifting! New 105 gives the widest range of road cycling road.cc from as little as £1.99 using ad... Road groupset worldwide, the 105 groupset down considerably consider subscribing to road.cc from as little as £1.99 is! 'Ve gone through the main points above but the technical specs for each component of the Japanese manufacturer range... Plates designed to aid front and rear shifting put through the main points above but the technical aspects of Japanese... Most popular road groupset worldwide, the 105 groupset is everything you to! Entry-Level 11-speed option from Shimano, SRAM & Campagnolo to the shimano 105 groupset review to see how they faired up the! All-Road adventures same cold forged Hollowtech construction that Shimano have used for its designed.! No different 11-28 and 12-25 offering close gearing for a smoother cadence and more Review GRX...

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